BATAVIA by Zaskia Sungkar

Batavia collection by Zaskia Sungkar was first launched at Oxford Fashion Week at London, held by Oxford Fashion Studio, on September 19th, 2015. Zaskia Sungkar is the only fashion designer from Indonesia to present modest fashion in OFS London. This collection was inspired from Jakarta city with all its modernistic building and cultural aspects, such as Ondel-Ondel, Monas, Pancoran statue, kembang goyang, and other details which will be poured in the form of patterns, cutting, embroidery, and accessories.

This time, Zaskia Sungkar is exploring monochrome, with white as the main color, while using black as the color of its embroidery details to represent silhouette of Jakarta's cultural aspects. The complete 12 collection of Batavia was shown at Jakarta Fashion Week '16 

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