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Welcome to Hijabi Fashionistas by Zaskia Sungkar

Zaskia Sungkar is not a new comer to the world of entertainment, television, or movies in Indonesia. After wearing the hijab, Zaskia realized that she has great passion in the field of fashion and decided to build a fashion company. Then, after bringing up some unique ideas, she establish a fashion company called  "Zaskia Sungkar Jakarta". The clothing line is dedicated for moslem women, although everyone could also wear it. Its design has a theme of "chic and elegant" and a touch of edgy, with modern fashion cut and distinct fusion. Cultural art is one of signatures for every of her collection as she wants to mix between contemporary and traditional fashion at the same time. 

In 2015, Zaskia Sungkar develop a sister line for Zaskia Sungkar Jakarta, called KIA by Zaskia Sungkar. The name itself is taken from her own nickname. KIA is a ready-to-wear brand which provides daily fashion clothes for everyday look, KIA also comes with more affordable prices, simple cutting, and yet still keep its own elegance.

Now "Zaskia Sungkar" boutique has already exist in several cities in Indonesia and in some neighboring countries.

"I want to make all the woman in full hijab look classy." - Zaskia Sungkar-